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Body Brush For Lymphatic Health

The Body Brush is the perfect self-care tool to pause and reconnect.  A healthy lymphatic system is a key to a connected Self.

 “Connecting with Self is a daily affair.”

Our mission with Stass & Co is to share the life-changing benefits of self-care and daily rituals through deep nourishment of the lymphatic system. Practicing daily rituals allows us an opportunity to be present and grounded, creating space for more dedicated silence and reflection. This usually comes in the form of meditation, yoga, journaling, dry body brushing, and a walk on the beach.  

We believe self-care rituals empower us to pause and reconnect. We believe a healthy lymphatic system is the key to a connected Self.

Through this lymphatic-focused practice, I blend the outer and inner journey. Dry Body Brushing helps to soothe and relax the entire being. Having tactile input that stimulates the nerves in the right way calms our brain and lowers the fight/flight response, which helps reduce the output of stress hormones.

Just a few minutes of the powerful daily practice of dry body brushing is all it takes to calm your entire nervous system.

Living on the Sunshine Coast, the ocean is my medicine, and my daily sadhana is my light. 

I'm a student of yoga for life. My 20+ years of practice include a combination of Vedic mediation, breath-work, kundalini kriya, and yoga asana. 

Our daily rituals allow us to share from a deep place of embodiment. Every day, with a hands-on heart, we ask our body what it truly needs. Then, in that connected space, we softly come back to ourselves and listen. From here, we can repair, grow and expand.

When the body, lymphatic system, blood, immune system, and heart are all healthy, the mind is clear and the emotional state balanced. 

With a calm and healthy nervous system, we are more in tune with the people around us, our creativity is on fire, and we feel alive and awake, joyous, and grounded. 

Stass & Co Body Brush is a tool to help you experience this profound joy and nourishment.

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1 product