Gant De Massage Corps (Body Glove)

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Multifunction massage glove for the body

The Biologique Recherche massage glove is an indispensable accessory and a unique exfoliating massage glove, enhancing active ingredients' penetration and boosting the treatment's effects.

Designed to take account of the skin's structure, it has two sides – one covered in thick nibs to prepare the skin and help active ingredients soak in, the other with finer nibs to help break down fatty lumps.

This glove from Biologique Recherche helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and encourages consolidation of the fat molecules. It is ideal for use with Biologique Recherche's various products: exfoliators, moisturizers, firming creams, body oils, and complexes.

Gant De Massage Corps Body Glove is perfect for slimming massage, sports massage, heavy leg massage, relaxation massage, foot massage, and many more.

We love using Gant De Massage Corps Body Glove with Lotion P50 Corps to balances the pH on the skin’s surface and stimulates the skin’s natural exfoliation. 


  • Promotes exfoliation
  • Prepares the skin for the following treatments
  • Helps to eliminate fatty deposits
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes the penetration of active ingredients
  • Stimulates the skin and microcirculation
  • Amplifies the action of the active ingredients contained in the products


Fine spiked side : Used to help dispel localized fat and assist the penetration of active ingredients (creams, oil)

Thick spiked side : Activates the active ingredients (lotion, creams, oil)


  1. Apply the chosen product by hand on all areas to be treated.
  2. Massage the skin with ascending circular motions, using the glove.


  1. Use only on a healthy epidermis.
  2. Clean thoroughly after each use.

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