High-waisted Short Girdle With 7 Rods (Faja Corta Talle Alto 7 Varillas) (7100)

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Essentially girdle is short shaping of 7 rods, that lifts the buttocks. Because it is highly controlled, it helps your body recover after any surgery.

Recommended after a: Lipectomy, Liposculpture, or for daily aesthetic use.


  • In the first place, it has 7 rods 4 in front 3 in the back for greater molding, and a slimmer figure.
  • Full girdle up to the knee.
  • 3 lines of adjustable clasp in this way you adjust the measurements you lose.
  • Full girdle up to the knee. 


  • lifts buttocks in a natural and discreet way.
  • Shape your figure immediately.
  • As a consequence of its use, it reduces measures.
  • Similarly, enhance your bust.
  • It also has double abdominal reinforcement.
  • Excellent back coverage.
  • Girdle short shaping 7 rods has silicone lace to help the garment not to gather.
  • Padded straps with 3 levels of adjustment for greater comfort.
  • Flat seams that do not show with clothing.
    It also has soft seams that do not hurt and do not mark the skin.
  • Likewise, perineal opening with great amplitude for greater comfort.

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