Cryo Sticks

Cryo Sticks

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Soothing Refrigerant Sticks

Designed in stainless steel due to its cooling properties, Cryo-Sticks are used in case of redness during treatment. Stored in the refrigerator, they store maximum thermal energy, ensuring cold is diffused in contact with the skin throughout treatment.

In addition, their ergonomic form moulds to the contours of the skin, enabling them to work effectively on every area.

The local application of cold through Cryo-Sticks lowers the skin’s temperature immediately, therefore limiting vasodilatation and promoting vasoconstriction. Dermal blood circulation is regulated and redness disappears.

In addition to its soothing properties, cold has a draining, decongestant and firming effect. The cold sensation is picked up by receptors in the skin, causing a “goose bump” phenomenon, which stimulates nerve cells in the skin and has a tightening effect on the epidermis.

Made of Surgical Stainless Steel


  • Lowers skin temperature
  • Stimulates vasoconstriction
  • Reduce skin temperature
  • Decongesting & soothing action
  • Stimulates arrector pili muscle muscles for a tightening effect
  • Fresh and pleasant sensation.
  • Soothing action for the face.
  • Reduction in the skin’s temperature.
  • Anti-inflammatory action.
  • Tightening effect.
  • Easy grip for a more effective massaging action and a soothing sensation.
  • Defined form perfectly adapted to the contours of the face and neck.
  • Simple and repeated use

How to Clean: Simply use a disinfecting wipe or cotton soaked in alcohol. Rinse with cold water. Place them in their cases in the fridge.

A set of 2 cryo sticks is included

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