Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. (Sebum Regulating)

Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. (Sebum Regulating)

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Soothing and Seboregulating(oil) Face Emulsion

Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. genuinely soothes the sensations of discomfort while smoothing the skin texture. This emulsion has a dual action, acting on skin sensitivity while regulating skin blemishes. Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. is a comprehensive solution for regaining a genuinely unified, mattified and refreshed complexion.

Key Ingredients

Soothing platform: Soothing Hexapeptide, Rhamnose, White Tea Leaf extract

Moisturizing platform: Complex made from Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobium, Filmogenic Polysaccharide, Plant-based Squalane, Sacha Inchi Oil

Seboregulating platform: Complex made from Enantia Chlorantha extract and Oleanic acid, Java Tea Leaf extract, Rosemary Oil extract

Smoothing against dilated pores platform: Complex made of Extracts of Elder flowers, Chesnut wood and Myrobalan leaves

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