Hyalogy emollient cream pack

Hyalogy emollient cream pack

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Hyalogy emollient cream pack

This softening and soothing facial mask is particularly designed for the skin prone to redness, with fragile blood vessels and very sensitive or dry skin. This mask increases the elasticity of the skin, regulates the water balance, solves the problem of dryness, strengthens blood vessels, and calms and neutralizes redness and inflammation.

What does it do?

  • provides immediate calming and softening effect
  • helps skin recovery and nourishing
  • neutralizes redness and irritations
  • protects from dryness and water loss
  • controls the mechanism of skin ageing
  • provides antioxidant and blood vessels protection

The science behind the product

The mask facilitates rapid restoration of the skin surface, reduces skin peeling, makes the skin smoother, stimulates regeneration processes, and restores the natural skin barrier function. This product provides necessary lipid protection even in dehydrated and atopic skin.

Size: 100gr