Hyalogy Eye Moistlift

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Light, mild, fully absorbed eyelids serum produces both lifting and moisturizing effects. Reduces depth as well as the length of wrinkles around the eyes. The skin appears smooth, firm, lifted, and fresh with regular application. Eyelid's skin complexion brightens up. Due to the lifting effect, the eyes appear more open.

What does it do?
  • reduces the depth and length of wrinkles around the eyes
  • smoothes out microrelief of the skin
  • enhances skin elasticity
  • providing a long-lasting lifting effect
  • protects against free-radicals
  • reduces dark circles under the eyes

How to use: Use the essence daily morning and evening after cleansing and applying lotion. Apply a thin layer (about 0,1 ml) of the essence on the periorbital eye area. Tap gently with fingertips. In the evening, apply this essence at least 2 hours before sleep. Follow with Forlle’d eye cream. 

Size: 10 ml