Hyalogy P-effect re-purerance wash

Hyalogy P-effect re-purerance wash

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This soft foam is designed as a second-stage cleanser to dissolve and cleanse skin impurities by stimulating microcirculation and preparing the skin for the further benefits of Forlle'd treatment. It has anti-inflammatory, healing, and refreshing effects. This product is designed for daily face cleansing and is also suitable for the periorbital area.


  • effectively dissolves skin impurities
  • provides anti-inflammatory effect
  • stimulates microcirculation and refreshes skin
  • gently cleanses the periorbital area
  • prepares the skin for further Forlle’d treatment


Whisk with water a small amount of product in your hands to form a soft lather. Spread evenly on the face, eyelids, neck, and décolleté and massage gently. Pay particular attention to areas with persistent impurities, comedones, or hyperkeratosis. Rinse thoroughly with warm water or a warm wet face cloth.