Silken™ Wipes 2x2

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Intrinsics Petite Silken Wipes

Blend of Soft Fibers

Our Silken Wipes are non-linting, silky soft, and less absorbent, so they won't suck up all your expensive skincare liquids, making them great for applying. 

Perfect cotton wipes for Lotion P50 application.

  • A low absorbent blend of fibers makes this wipe ideal for applying product to the skin without wasting expensive beauty creams and liquids. It leaves more of the product on the skin and less on the wipe. Save time and money
  • SILKY SMOOTH: Soft and luxurious feeling. Bring the luxury and pamper of your favorite spa to your daily routine at home. These professional skincare essentials are used by top certified estheticians, renowned spas, and salons worldwide.
  • CLEAN CANVAS: Each versatile wipe leaves behind no lint on the skin surface to interfere with skincare procedures or irritate delicate skin tissue.

2"x2", 4-ply Blend of Soft Fibers, 200 Count

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